FORmula TRANslation or FORTRAN was developed in the early 1950s at IBM and led by John Backus, an American computer scientist, and mathematician. It became the first computer language standard and was considered the oldest programming language that is still widely used today. FORTRAN made it possible to write computer programs quickly that were nearly […]

Why Introducing Kids to Computer Programming using Coding Games is the Best Way

Children’s intellectual growth is dependent on their ability to play games. The child’s environment and activities should foster additional cognitive and language development as they get older. If your child is growing fast and you’re stuck there thinking what indoor games you can probably give your child, this is the sign. Coding games are the […]


Learning programming is like learning hundreds of different languages and when I say hundreds, it means over 700 programming languages. Pretty insane right? Yes, some languages are high-level, meaning they are simple to learn yet lack detail. Some are low-level, making them more difficult to use but giving you more power over the computer. Here […]

Ways on How to Teach Kids Coding: Parent Guide

Our kids are naturally curious and exploring and as they grow, they need to learn to develop their emotional, behavioral, and intellectual skills. Coding may be one of the skills a child must learn, given the fact that it has a lot of benefits – fosters creativity, improves math skills, improves focus skills and the […]


Amazingly, the first person who built the first computer programming language was actually a woman named “Ada Lovelace”. She’s the sole child of the famous poet Lord Byron. Ada’s mother raised her under a tight regimen of science and mathematics, afraid that she would inherit her father’s poetic madness. While working with Charles Babbage, she […]

Why Should Kids Learn Coding?

In a modern world where technology is the trend, we must inculcate to the young minds the skills of the 21st century. One of these “must-skills” is CODING.  Here are some reasons to why kids should learn Coding: 1. Coding improves Problem-Solving Skills Every day, we encounter different problems and find ways to overcome them. […]

Importance of Learning Coding at an Early Age

Technology plays a major role in 21st-century education — where it has been an era of massive technical advancements. Part of this leading edge of technological development is Computer Programming. Computer programming is the process of giving computers instructions in order to achieve a specific goal. These instructions are known as code.  What is code? […]