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Ballin Technology Scratch beginner course is designed for kids to learn to make the Scratch Sports Archery, Basketball, Hockey and Racing. We’ve designed it for kids to enjoy the concepts of coding such as variables and conditionals. These Sports activities emphasize creativity while students practice computer familiarity.


Scratch Coding Courses

Scratch Basic

In this Beginner Scratch coding and design game course, students drill deep into the Scratch platform and unlock its many secrets. We learn about a variety of important Scratch functions that can help you build your own games, interactive stories and more.

Scratch Archery

In this Beginner Scratch coding course, students will learn to make Scratch archery game where the player scores points by shooting moving targets. We deepen our understanding of concepts such as forever loops and conditions.

Scratch Basketball

Create an awesome Basketball game on Scratch and learn about Variables, Loops, Conditionals, Randomization and Clones. Yes, clones!

Scratch Hockey

In this Beginner Scratch programming course, students will learn to make Scratch air hockey game where the player takes on the CPU to see who can score more goals. Students see functions, loops, and conditionals from new and interesting angles.

Scratch Racing

In this Scratch coding class, the students to make a fun racing game in which the players blast off to the finish. We learn about conditionals, loops, clones, variables and operators.