Founder Message

I am Niesha Butler, president and founder of Ballin Technology. I am from the Caribbean and grew in New York City. I graduated from Georgia Tech, where all students are required to take a year of Computer Science in order to graduate. I am a former professional athlete that fell in love with coding. I first picked up a basketball at ten, and took my first computer science class at twelve. Unlike many inner city kids playing basketball, I was exposed to technology and sports at a young age. I was lucky.

It is my passion to teach and equip kids with skills that will lead them into a successful future. Technology is the future, and the gap is growing as many schools in the inner city do not teach CS courses. It is easier to find a basketball coach than a coding class. It is imperative to introduce technical principles to students at a young age so they don’t struggle as they get older. I want to build a world where youth in technology is a sport.

Ballin Technology aims to encourage kids, especially those who play sports to know and understand they have what it takes to succeed in a technical (STEAM) field.

Please get in the game and click DONATE. Help us through our love of sports, teach kids coding, robotics, and expose them to the world of technology. Be a part of Ballin Technology’s journey as we work diligently to add another sport for a kid to play.