it takes a village to raise a child

Our Partners

— First Lego League

We teach robotics using First Lego League kits.

— HBCU Heroes

We partner with HBCU Heroes and administer their coding initiatives.
The mission of HBCU HEROES is to raise funding to level the playing field for HBCU sports programs by assisting with scholarships and resources to meet their athletic objectives.

— ScrapSports INC.

We partner with ScrapSports Digital Reporter Program to give kids hand on experience in the arena of sports journalism. Kids that go through this program gain real word skills and cover sports events.

— Zyrobotics

We use Zyrobotics products to teach younger kids coding skills.

Zyrobotics is a technology company that believes universal access to technology at an early age gives kids an earlier start on the skills necessary to succeed in the future.

— Steam Role

Steam Role is an app where kids get inspiration by top role models and get the roadmap you’ll need to live the life of your dreams. Simply follow, learn, discover and earn.