setting kids up for success

What We Do

01. — We Teach

Teaching coding to young kids is a proven way of introducing them to technology that will help them perform better in STEM subjects and inspire them to pursue professions in the same field. Similar coding programs have shown that children who learn coding exhibit creativity, confidence, and better performance in school.

02. — We Represent

Despite significant strides in education and technology, minority communities remain underrepresented in technology professions. STEM fields are substantially under-recruiting minority groups, and that trend begins long before college and career; it starts at home and in schools. 

03. — We Stand In The Gap

Low-income students who may not be able to afford a home computer or home WiFi are less likely to develop skills like coding. What is more, underfunded schools in low-income areas cannot afford the high-priced equipment for STEM learning programs.

04. — We Educate

A foundational course focused on activating the entrepreneurial mindset as students learn how to create an original business plan and pitch their business

05. — We Inspire

Our mentors believe strongly in continuously preparing our participants for the future based on their insight as S.T.E.A.M professionals.

06. — We Consult

We make learning S.T.E.A.M and Coding fun using sports teaching themes. If you would like to hire one of our teachers or gain access to our online classes contact us.


Zyrobotics® develops inclusive STEM technologies for children of all abilities.

Steam Role is an app where kids can discover their dream career simply by swiping through the profiles of S.T.E.A.M professionals that match your interests.

ScrapSports Digital Reporter Program teaches kids hands on sports reporting skills.